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Yesterday we had a referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent country. I don’t know where you’re from or anything or how much you know about this so I’ll direct you to this post which will let you know a bit about Westminster politics, etc. 

The vote was 55% no 45% yes. The only age group who actually had an overall no vote was over 60s which means the BBC did what they set out to do and terrified the elderly (who generally only have access to biased news sources, not social media) into thinking they would lose their pensions if they voted yes, which is a lie.

Today the country felt dismal. I saw people openly crying on the bus. We had such a strong, positive yes campaign and there was excitement for change before the results were released.

And now Ed Miliband has said, less than ten hours later, that he does not support further devolution for Scotland a.k.a what we were promised if we voted no. David Cameron says it will happen but that man talks so much shit his face should be brown and sticky.

And to top it all off, a bunch of unionists were in George Square earlier today taunting and mocking yes supporters and singing sectarian songs, making nazi salutes, and there are rumours of rioting and a yes supporter being stabbed, although this remains unconfirmed,

Basically, we have dropped our trousers and bent over for Westminster once again, ignored the cries for help of the four districts in Scotland who did vote yes and also happen to be the poorest areas (Glasgow, West Dumbartonshire, North Lanarkshire, and Dundee)

I am ashamed of my country. I never thought my pride in being Scottish would ever be dampened but here I sit today cringing at Edinburgh and Midlothian’s results.

Gonna publish this so everyone can see, hope that’s ok.


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riots are breaking out in glasgow right now, scottish flags are being burned, people are making nazi salutes, there is racism and sectarianism and god knows what else, there are supposed stabbings, people are being beaten up purely for voting Yes, but the bbc has decided that a news story more worthy of being reported is the first iphone 6 owner dropping his new phone. the anti-scottish bias from the bbc is reaching new levels of absurdity

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